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Repair Your Roof and Protect Your Home Before Winter

  • Was your roof damaged by the last hailstorm?
  • Do you want to repair your roof and protect your home from
    further damage before winter?
  • Tired of being on a waitlist to repair your home?

Protect your home from structural damage this winter.
Get reliable roof repairs done by ROOFING specialists.

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Why Choose Daza Roofing for Your Roof Repairs?


Hail can cause catastrophic damage. From shredding your home’s siding to pummeling your car windows, there is a lot of damage to be seen. What most homeowners do not realize, however, is the unseen damage that could lead to costlier repairs (and more losses) down the road. Roofs are one of the heaviest hit areas when it comes to hail storms and they are the hardest to detect for hail damage. Even a roof that appears intact could have suffered severe damage. If that damage is not fixed before winter, you could see leaks, flooding and expensive repair issues that could have easily been prevented.

Daza Roofing provides superior roofing services to the Calgary area. We understand the sense of urgency to get your roof repaired before winter — and we know that you have a lot of other repairs on your to-do list. Stretching your home repair budget doesn’t mean you have to go with a low-budget- contractor. Daza Roofing can work within your budget while providing you with high-quality roofing repair and replacement services.

  • Fast, expert repair services and no waitlists
  • Professional inspections and accurate estimates
  • Repair openings available — repair your roof now before winter comes!

Fix What Matters the Most…Before It’s Too Late


Winter is just around the corner, which means cooler temperatures and wet conditions. If water can penetrate your roof, it could cause extensive water and mold damage to the inside of your home. In addition, all it takes is a small hole to allow your home to lose heat — raising your heating bills extensively. Daza Roofing can help you make the most important repairs on your home or business premises before winter comes. Save the structural integrity of your home with timely, professional roof repairs.

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